Metals Market

Who is MetalsMarket.Net?

The service is provided by Foreks Information Services SA, one of the authorized LME Information Providers for more than 2 years. Foreks Information Services is market leader in providing financial information in Turkey and Greece with more than 15 years of experience. The mother company has its base in Switzerland and operates on mobile solutions for real-time / delayed financial data.

What are the advantages of MetalsMarket.Net?

  1. The system is browser based, there are no setups or installments needed, neither are there any firewall / proxy settings. It is only click-and-go.
  2. All the prices from the LME are provided. 3 Months prices, Ring Prices, Contango and Backwardation prices, 22 Month Forward prices, LME Select 5 Level Bid-Ask-Size Prices, Official & Unofficial Fixings, Stocks , etc.
  3. The price changes are highlighted with color to distinguish the updates.
  4. 5 years Historical Prices are provided for base metals together with charting.
  5. 24 Minor Metals including Arsenic, Bismuth, Cadmium, Ferro-Alloys, Vanadium , etc., are provided on a weekly basis.
  6. Interactive Technical Analysis with more than 20 indicators to help you to decide when to buy or sell analytically.
  7. Real-time Forex, World Indices and Precious Metals feed.
  8. Real-time metal news in English from MetalsMarket.Net and Dow Jones.
  9. A Marketplace Where Buyers and Sellers Meet and Trade.
  10. A Free of Charge Page for All Companies to Publish Their Own Materials and Price Lists and even Find Any Specific Materials' Prices with Search Option.
  11. Most competitive price in comparison with all LME registered data vendors.


What does MetalsMarket.Net offer? provides real-time / delayed or daily information, charts and news on LME Metals. Among all the other information providers (you can check the other vendors at LME's website which is ), offers the most competitive price for LME.

Real-Time online screen via internet packets including LME Prices, Forex, Dow Jones News, World Indices, B2B, Price Entry Option , etc., all real-time:
Packet 1: Monthly Real-Time Packet - Price: 175 USD / 1 month
Packet 2: Quarterly Real-Time Packet - Price: 450 USD / 3 months
Packet 3: 6 Months Real-Time Packet - Price: 900 USD / 6 months
Packet 4: 1 Year Real-Time Packet - Price: 1650 USD / year

Delayed online screen via internet packets of which only lme data is delayed. Forex, Dow jones news etc all real-time:
Packet 5: 6 months Delayed Packet - Price: 300 USD / 6 months
Packet 6: 1 Year Delayed Packet - Price: 475 USD / year

Real-Time SMS service on your mobile including 6 times a day all metal prices plus Forex sent by SMS
Packet 7: 1 Year Real-Time SMS Mobile Packet - Price : 500 USD / year (including SMS)

Prices are per screen and including LME exchange fee!!

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