Remelted Lead Ingots

Soft (>99,5% - cables)
This type of remelted lead ingots exists mainly out of remelted lead cable stripping. This shape-quality combination is not only used by the lead ingots and the lead alloy manufacturers but also by the lead sheet producers. By mixing remelted lead ingots with the purer more expensive refined lead ingots they can lower their average purchase price without having big quality problems.
Hard (+/- 98% Pb)
The most irregular type of remelted lead ingots. Both shape and analysis differ a lot per lead ingot, batch and supplier. The main user of this quality is the lead battery industry. This makes sense because the origin of these remelted lead ingots is batteries as well. Again a perfect cycle. Because more then 80% of all remelted lead ingots consumed every year is for the usage of lead acid batteries you can imagine that this type of remelted lead ingot is the best one available.
Packed on a pallet stripped with plastic strips, without a pallet sealed with plastic strips or loose in a truck/container.

Average weight per ingot is 35 KG

Minimum order quantity: 25.000 kg

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