Lead Sheet

Used as flashing, radiation shielding or sound proofing lead sheet is a widely used product and represents about 5% of the worlds consumption of lead. Because lead is 100 % recyclable and very durable there is no environmental reason not to use lead sheet.

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Lead Sheet on roll

Used as flashing, also called lead flashings, sheet lead is well known as a very reliable and durable waterproofing product. The lead sheet manufacturers improved...>>

Corrugated Lead Sheet

Corrugated lead sheet has had a second treatment to make the moulding go easier. Certain roof tiles require a lot of craftsmanship to form standard lead sheet...>>

Colour coated Lead Sheet

To avoid run of and to fulfill the architects requirements colour coated lead sheet is introduced in the 90's. Available in brown, lead gray, and red the...>>

Self adhesive Lead Sheet

Self adhesive lead sheet can be cladded to almost any backing product. Instead of lead sheet used for pre cladded lead lined gypsum board which can only be...>>

Lead Foil

Lead foil is lead sheet with a thickness below 1 mm and is commonly used for sound proofing or radiation shielding. Combined with foam lead sheet foil is...>>

Lead Plates

Lead plates are produced out of lead sheet and cut to size for specific applications. The advantage of lead plates in relation to lead sheet is...>>

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