Lead Ballast

Lead ballast comes in many different shapes. Balls, bars, blocks, castings you can name it. As long as the required shape fulfills the customers need it can be produced. Lead ballast is mainly used in the off-shore industry as ballast weight.

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Lead Shot

Lead shot or lead balls are used in ammunition, radiation shielding and as ballast lead. By ammunition we all know what it's used for. Lead shot used for...>>

Lead Bars

Lead bars are small lead blocks with no general standard shape or weight used as lead ballast. The weight a lead bar depends on the requirements of the customer. Though...>>

Lead Blocks

Lead blocks, also known as lead ingots, are used as lead ballast when the total ballast weight is high and there are few limitations of space. A combination of lead blocks with casted lead is often used by first filling up the...>>

Diving Lead

Scuba diving weights comes in many different shapes. From bags filled with lead shot to scuba belts with casted lead weights. Dive weights are needed for the scuba diving sport to make sure that you...>>

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