Refined Lead Ingots

(99,97% PB)
Also known as: LME brand lead ingots or virgin lead ingots. This is the most common refined lead ingots quality by lead ingot producers because it's the market standard for lead. The shape, the packing, the weight per lead ingot, the weight per bundle, everything needs to fulfill the LME lead standards if you would like to wear the LME brand. The biggest advantage for registered LME brand lead ingots producers is the option to sell the refined lead ingots physically to the LME at the moment the market is not interested to buy
(99,94% Pb with Cu) - Copper Lead
Copper lead ingots are produced by almost every refined lead ingots producer especially for the lead sheet industry which requires this specific analysis for their own standard, the EN 12588. The small percentage of 0,03 to 0,06 Copper makes the lead sheet stronger and better resistant to weather influences. The shape of these refined lead ingots can be anything from standard LME brand shape lead ingots and bigger lead ingots of over a 500 kg up to blocks custom made with the size and weight of regular lead slabs for immediate use on a rolling mill.
99,97% Pb ingots are packed on a pallet and sealed with plastic foil or stripped with plastic strips without a pallet.
99,94% Pb ingots with Cu are packed loose on truck with either lifting eyes or lifting gaps.

Sizes, weight per ingot, upon customer specification.

Minimum order quantity: 10.000 kg

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