Lead Shielding

For radiation shielding purposes lead is the perfect material. All lead shielding products contain the big advantages lead has. High density, low absorption and extremely moldable. Lead shielding products are used in many different industries. From hospitals to nuclear power plants, they all rely on lead for their protection to radiation.

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Lead Bricks

Lead bricks are used for radiation protection in hospital buildings and nuclear power plants where lead sheet is not thick enough. You can choose between interlocking lead...>>

Lead Wool

Lead wool is used to seal connections of for example two elements of iron or cement pipes and for radiation shielding in lead blankets. Some craftsmen also use lead wool...>>

Lead lined Plywood

Lead lined Plywood is used as radiation shielding product and consists out of lead sheet cladded on plywood. Because plywood is much stronger than gypsum the pre cladded...>>

Lead lined Gypsum Board

Lead lined gypsum board consists out of lead sheet cladded on gypsum board and is used in hospitals, dentist practices and research room as radiation protection. Joints between...>>

Self adhesive Lead Strips

Self adhesive lead strips are used for radiation protecting of the joints between lead lined gypsum boards and lead lined plywood boards. Because the lead strips are...>>

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