Lead Ingots

Lead ingots are used as raw material by the lead battery. lead cable sheathing and lead sheet manufacturers. The quality may differ from pure lead with a purity which can exceeds 99,999%Pb up to remelted lead with an impurity of 2 to 4 % SB. Each lead manufacturer has it's own requirements regarding the quality. Lead ingots manufacturers are specialized in either the pure lead ingot or the remelted ingot. Remelted lead ingots are just remelted battery grids while pure lead ingots are remelted and refined.

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Remelted lead ingots

This type of ingot exists mainly out of remelted lead cable stripping or remelted battery plates. You can roughly say that there are two qualities. Soft, with a very small percentage of Antimony and

Refined lead ingots

Also known as: LME brand lead ingots or virgin lead ingots. This is the most common quality produced by lead ingot manufacturers because it's the market standard for

Pure lead ingots

This is the purest lead quality made by lead ingot producers which produce lead out of ores. Also called primary lead. The purity of this quality starts at 99,99% Pb up to even 99,9999% Pb for

Lead Alloys

Lead alloys are a very special type of lead ingots. Not often the same and mixed / alloyed with another element to change the properties of the metal. The alloy

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