Lead Scrap

Scrap is where it all starts for the lead recycling industry. Because of the high intrinsic value of lead you will never find a piece of lead in a waste container on a construction yard. Everyone is familiar with the perfect recycling possibilities of lead so at least someone will take the lead scrap with him and bring it to the scrap metal trader. An easy way of earning some extra money. With a recycling rate of above 95% lead is one of the best recycled metals.

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Lead scrap soft - ISRI Code RACKS

The general description of this type of lead scrap is: Soft lead scrap, free of Sb, As, Cd, Zn, Tar, Oil, Paper, Dirt, etc. Most of the time the origin of lead scrap is from clean lead cable stripping and end of life time roofing/flashing lead sheet for building purposes. This particular type of soft lead scrap is mainly used by the lead ingot and lead alloy manufacturers and the lead sheet manufacturers with their own lead scrap recycling facility. Because the analysis of the lead scrap is almost the same as the quality they need for their lead sheet the refining costs can be reduced to a minimum. One of the most effective ways of recycling lead.

Lead scrap mixed soft/hard- ISRI Code RADIO

The major difference between Lead scrap soft and Lead scrap soft/hard you can find in the name itself. Mixed soft/hard lead scrap may contain hard lead scraps like lead antimony sheet or any other type of lead solids which include Antimony. Antimony is a problem for the lead recyclers which need to produce soft lead, but an advantage for the lead recyclers which need to produce hard lead. By using mixed lead scrap instead of soft lead scrap they can get the antimony which they need for the production of antimonial lead at the price of lead scrap. Again an almost perfect way of recycling lead.

Lead cable stripping scrap - ISRI Code RACKS

Also named as clean soft lead cable stripping scrap, this type of lead scrap is of higher quality than lead scrap soft or mixed. Because the origin of the lead scrap is known (lead cable sheathing) you always have an idea about the analysis of the material. The Pb content averages around 99,7% Pb. Together with the guaranteed absence of dirt, mud, oil and other metals, lead cable stripping scrap is traded at higher prices than lead scrap soft and lead scrap mixed. Especially if the cable stripping scrap is free of oil and fat. A Price as high as remelted lead ingots soft will be no exception.

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