Lead Solder

Lead solder is one of the best known lead products containing lead. Almost everyone has had a piece of lead solder in their hands once before. Widely used in consumer electronics and by plumbers for connecting two lead pipes or copper pipes until the end of the 90's. Today prohibited for usage in drinking water pipelines. The main quality of lead solder comes together with tin 40/60 50/50 or 60/40 alloys. Lead solder manufacturers produce solder in bars rods or wires.
Wounded as wire on coils or loose as bars packed in a box. The weight per coil and per bar is different per lead solder manufacturer. 1kg, 2kg or 3 kg for the coils and between 0,1 to 1 kg for the bars is most common.

Available in:


Minimum order quantity
: 100 kg in total of which 25 kg per alloy.

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