Lead Sheet on Roll

Used as flashing, also called lead flashings, lead sheet is well known as a very reliable and durable product to make sure the water stays where it belongs. Outside the building. The lead sheet manufacturers improved the analysis of lead sheet to make it better resistant against weather influences and creep. The BS EN 12588 standard for rolled lead on which most European Lead sheet manufactures take part is a guarantee for this modern sheet lead quality. A small percentage of copper added to the lead is the main difference.
Packed on a pallet and sealed with plastic foil. Standard lead sheet comes in a width of 1000 mm and a roll weight of 50 kg as per BS EN-12588 norm.

Standard cut to size lead sheet:
Standard thicknesses: 1,0 mm - 1,25 mm - 1,5 mm - 2,0 mm - 2,5 mm - 3,0 mm
Standard widths: 100 mm - 150 mm - 200 mm - 250 mm - 300 mm - 350 mm - 400 mm - 450 mm - 500 mm - 1000 mm

Delivered on roll. Other sizes upon request.

Minimum order quantity: 1000 kg

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