New looks, new format..
Because Lead for Lead has added a lot of new lead metal products to the product range it was necessary to change the navigation part of the website. While doing so we decided to refresh the total looks of the website into what it has become right now. Some minor adjustments can be noticed the coming weeks but basically this is it. Together with the new looks we optimized our website in the best possible way to fit googles requirements. Which means that we had to get rid of the flashy moving pictures part of the website and rewrite the content. The services provided before are still present but in a stripped way. If you want to buy any of the lead metal products you can start at the homepage, navigate to the required lead product, fill in the form and hit the "Get a Quote" button. If you want to sell lead metal products you just contact us and we will discuss about the possibilities to include you in our registered lead supplier D-base. All this changes will have a positive effect for all of us while using lead for lead.
What is happening with the lead price?
The last decade was quite a roller coaster if we talk about the lead price. From being stuck at USD 500.=/mt the first three years the lead price reached the highest level ever of USD 4000,=/mt in early 2008. A weaker USD, hedging funds entering the metals market, China’s consumption of Lead were all mentioned as the reason for this extreme situation. A supply problem at a lead mine in Australia, read more about the lead prices
1000 Visitors in one month
We are very proud to announce that we have had over a 1000 website visitors in just one month of which 98 has subscribed them self for one of the additional services. The companies which decided to use the service are located all over the world. All continents are represented and the number of subscribers grows day by day. Thank you all for using this service.
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