Corrugated Lead Sheet

Corrugated lead sheet has had a second treatment to make the moulding go easier. Certain roof tiles for example require a lot of craftsmanship to form standard lead sheet into the needed shape. Corrugated lead sheet solves this problem.
Packed on a pallet and sealed with plastic foil.

Standard sizes:
1,25mm 250 x 5.000 mm
1,25mm 300 x 5.000 mm
1,25mm 350 x 5.000 mm
1,50mm 250 x 3.000 mm
1,50mm 300 x 3.000 mm
1,50mm 350 x 3.000 mm

Types of corrugated lead sheet:
Completely corrugated
Partially corrugated (2/3 of the width)

Delivered on roll. Other sizes upon request.

Minimum order quantity: 1000 kg

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